Culture Journey

Weave the rope of people | Whiria te taura tangata

UC is proactively working to develop a constructive organisational culture - to deliver brilliantly on our promises to our students, be a great place to work, and to be more effective.

In 2013 we began with interpersonal and self-awareness development for all our leaders. In 2015 we started a phased rollout to measure our ‘ideal’ and ‘actual’ views of our culture. As at the end of 2018, all staff have had the opportunity to participate in our culture surveys, begin the journey of improving culture outcomes at the individual, group and organisational level, and to reduce the gap between our observations of ideal and actual culture. We have agreed to a three-year re-measurement of culture for each area.

Definition of Organisational Culture

We have adopted this definition to guide our programme:
Organisational culture is the shared values, norms and expectations that guide us in terms of how we approach our work, interact with each other, and interact with our students, stakeholders and customers. It includes the patterns of behaviour that are encouraged, discouraged, or tolerated by people and systems over time.