People and Culture Business Partners by area


CollegeSenior HR AdvisorHR Advisor
College of Arts Nicole Coles  Shekinah Jones
College of Business and Law Susannah Wieck Cara Dunleavy
College of Education, Health and Human Development Angie Callis Katrina Clark
College of Engineering Kelly Ledington  
College of Science Suzanne DeanAngie Callis  

Service Units

Service UnitSenior HR AdvisorHR Advisor
Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Research Nicole Coles Shekinah Jones
Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Academic Susannah Wieck Michelle Watson
Maori, Pacific and Equity Kelly Ledington  
Student Life, Services and Communications Sarah Groufsky  
Planning, Finance Nicole Coles Michelle Watson
Information Technology Melanie Forysth  
People, Culture & Campus - People & Culture Nicole Coles Michelle Watson
People, Culture & Campus - Facilities Management Nicole Coles Sarah Groufsky
Vice-Chancellor's Office Nicole Coles Michelle Watson
UCSA Michelle Watson