Occurrence of pain or discomfort is preventable by ensuring good workplace set-up from the outset. As part of their induction, new staff are directed to an online ergonomic self-assessment. (Please note - this video tends to work best with Chrome - if it hangs in the browser, reload by pushing F5 on your keyboard.)

Note: If you can't open the online ergonomic self-assessment link above you can access this link as an alternative Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk

If staff are experiencing discomfort this is useful to check. Self-assessment is shown to be an effective strategy for prevention of discomfort pain and injury.

Discomfort and pain thought to be related to workplace activity or work-station set-up should be recorded immediately as an event in RMSS. The Health and Safety team will contact you and arrange for an ergonomic assessor to contact you.

The assessor will complete an assessment, provide advice and make recommendations.

The university uses trained ergonomic assessors from the UC Rec Centre to complete these assessments.