Report an Event

If a serious event has occurred you must:

  1. Ensure your own safety and safety of others
  2. Secure the scene as required to prevent any further harm or risk
  3. Contact UC Security 0800 823 637 or 6111
  4. Notify the Health and Safety Team 03 369 3636 (if not available, contact either the Senior Health and Safety Consultant 027 809 2379, or the Health and Safety Advisor 021 029 43590).

Timely and accurate reporting of health and safety events is a key component of health and safety management at University of Canterbury.

A health and safety event means any accident, incident, near miss, or damage. The more serious of these are known as Notifiable Events. These must be reported to Worksafe. If you think the event may be notifiable contact the Health and Safety team.

University of Canterbury details its responsibilities and responses to specific types of events in the Protocol: Event Reporting.

The University uses RMSS Event Manager as the system for reporting and investigating events. Events must be recorded in RMSS as soon as possible, and within 24 hours.

  • Navigate to RMSS: Event Record
  • Select Record An Event
  • Check that your College/ Service Unit etc. is correct
  • Select your Location/Building and Room/ Area of Activity from the drop down list
  • Complete the details of the event on the first page and select Next
  • Complete the details of the injured person on the second page and select Next
  • If there are multiple injured people select Add Injured Person and complete the details otherwise select Next
  • Complete each page as it appears. Save at the end of the process
  • Note: in order to complete this section, you may need to talk to other staff members and witnesses to the event.

If the Event uncovers any new, uncontrolled hazards/risks, you need to complete a hazard risk assessment. See Identify and Manage a Hazard process.

The Health & Safety team will receive notification of the Event through RMSS, and will determine if a full investigation is required.

Advise your manager of the event. They are not required to sign anything, just be informed of the event. The H&S Team will contact them. 

A Near Miss is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage – but had the potential to do so. Near miss incidents often precede loss producing events, but can be overlooked as there was no harm (no injury, damage or loss).

History has shown repeatedly that most loss producing events (incidents), both serious and catastrophic, were preceded by warnings or near miss incidents. Recognising and reporting near miss incidents can significantly improve safety, and enhances our safety culture.

See also Investigate an Event


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