Health and Safety Planning

All Colleges Departments and Services of the University will be covered by a Health and Safety Plan.

The depth and the complexity of the plan is determined by the areas covered, the types of activity undertaken, and the nature of the risks and hazards that need to be managed.

Departments and services with high risk are expected to have their own plan specific to the risks managed. Areas of lower risk may be adequately covered by the overall plan for the College or Service. The key consideration is that the plan has appropriate level of detail to effectively manage risk and set out key performance objectives. There is no one-size fits all.

Health and Safety plans are aligned to the Health and Safety Strategy and the University of Canterbury Health and Safety Policy.

Health and Safety Planning is part of a continuous cycle where the plan is regularly reviewed for effectiveness and for the regular resetting of objectives.

You are encouraged to use the new Health and Safety Plan Template to record your health and safety plan. This template aligns to the Health & Safety Implementation Plan 2021-2024 and with the key elements:

  • Lead Health and Safety, and Wellbeing
  • Manage Hazards and Risks
  • Engage in Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Plan Guideline provides some examples of how the template can be used. 

A Health and Safety Plan must include:

  • Reference to the things considered to be the greatest risks and how these are going to be tackled.
  • Commitment to actively identify and control new hazards and to review existing hazards with the involvement of staff.
  • Objectives relating to training staff in relation to health and safety. This might relate to your most concerning health and safety risks identified
  • With any plan, actions need to be assigned, time-framed, and measurable.
  • Actions already being undertaken and which will be continued – e.g. inducting staff and visitors, reviewing any significant events, emergency planning, regular physical conditions checks. Physical Conditions Checklist are available for Office, Workshop, and Laboratories 
  • It needs to be evident how staff have been engaged in the creation of the plan, and any subsequent review of the plan.

Health and Safety Plans should be reviewed annually as part of Monitoring Health and Safety Performance.


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