New look and new resource

20 October 2017

New look and new resource for policy drafting

The UC Policy Library (UCPL) has now migrated to Terminal 4 (T4). Regular users of the UCPL  will notice a new look to the pages. The Policy Unit is working on search functionality of the UC Policy webpages as well as improving policy searches on the Unviersity website. 

If you are looking for specific regulations, please use the Regulations link under the "Other source of UC Policy Information" heading on the UCPL homepage. This will take you to the Regulations homepage. 

The Policy Unit have also developed a resource for those transferring internal policy PDf documents onto T4 or wanting to create and publish new internal policy (department, school college etc) on their webpages. You will find this resource under the Web Style Guide at this link  

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Parking and Traffic Statute 2017

The Parking and Traffic Statute 2003 was reviewed at the end of 2016.

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The use of electronic signatures on University documents

The Fraud Response Policy was updated in April 2017.