Academic Board | Te Poari Akoranga

The Academic Board is a statutory committee of the University.  As UC's principal academic body its role is to provide advice to the Council on academic matters relating to courses of study, awards, student admission, enrolment and examination, strategy, function, and regulation of the University.

Membership of the Academic Board consists of the academic leaders of the University, other elected academic representatives, and student representatives. 

The Board typically meets on the 2nd Friday of each month.


Professor Cheryl de la Rey, Vice-Chancellor


Eleri Nugent, Academic Quality Team


The Board has the following permanent committees (links for staff only):

  1. Academic Administrative Committee |Te Komiti Whakahaere Ako (
  2. Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) | Te Komiti Ako (
  3. Research Committee | Te Komiti Rangahau
  4. Graduate Research Committee | Te Komiti Taura
  5. Library Committee | Te Komiti Puna Matauraka
  6. Misconduct Committee
  7. Sustainability Committee | Te Komiti Toitu