SEL statistics

Strong floor and walls
Floor 500 m2 and 2 m thick of three different concrete mixes
Walls L-shaped - 9.2m high, 1.6m thick, 28 m total length
Strength Floor and walls required to withstand 390kN+ loading to anchor points and bolts
Walls 440 m3 poured in 3 lifts using a special design 45 Mpa structural concrete
Floor    Layer 1 - 300 mm self compacting concrete - flows into place under its own weight
Layer 2 - 1400 mm 40 Mpa structural concrete - standard low heat mix to comprise bulk
Layer 3 - 300 mm 65 Mpa high strength mix - to improve the shear capacity of the insert bolts
Reinforcing steel 400 tonnes of steel reinforcement
Post tensioning 96 vertical PT bars and 15 horizontal tendons
Macalloy bar 7.5 km M36 Macalloy high tensile bar
Steel floor trusses 3 km 75 x 75 angle - 27 tonnes
Steel frame 146 tonnes structural steel
Couplers 3607 couplers at 400 mm centres each way
Laid to an accuracy of 2mm in 3 dimensions
9 kg each insert assembly to accommodate M36 bolts - 32.4 tonnes total weight