Hayashi - townhouse student accommodation

The University of Canterbury is committed to providing accommodation options for all students throughout their university journey.

Dovedale townhouses montage

Ensuring a dynamic and positive student experience is something in which the University invests a lot of time and energy.

This means providing exceptional support across a whole range of services, including accommodation, where we are committed to providing accommodation options for students throughout their entire university journey. 

The Hayashi complex provides an alternative kind of accommodation to that we have offered in the past. It comprises 90 rooms including ten self-contained units in 16 two-storey townhouses designed by Christchurch Architects Stufken and Chambers.

Although identical in appearance, there are two proposed layouts designed to accommodate individual students and couples in their second year of study and beyond. One contains five double rooms on two floors, the other five double rooms plus a separate self-contained unit.

Three townhouses have wheelchair accessible rooms and facilities. Each house will offer a shared kitchen, living, bathroom, laundry facilities and will be thermally insulated with energy efficient appliances.

Students took up occupation of the new accommodation at the start of the 2018 academic year.