Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre (RRSIC) building exterior

Asset Planning and Delivery have been transforming the built environment since 2010 in ways that will continue to improve the overall student experience for decades to come.

All projects increase informal learning opportunities between a range of disciplines and provide flexible learning spaces that can continuously evolve to support a greater range of teaching methods, supported by the latest technologies. Three major projects will be completed during 2017.

The Canterbury Engineering the Future project is refurbishing the entire engineering precinct and the first building of the Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre will open in the middle of the campus.

The College of Education, Health and Human Development will relocate from the Dovedale Campus to Rehua, the remodelled former Commerce Building, along with the entrepeneurial and executive programmes from the College of Business and Law.


The Undercroft is a busy and energetic student social and event space at the heart of campus.

John Britten

Originally opened in 2010, this was the first five-star Green Star educational building in New Zealand.

Dovedale Student Accommodation

The University of Canterbury is committed to providing accommodation options for all students throughout their university journey.

The Trading Room

The UC Business School Trading Room simulates a real-world financial trading environment, providing students with experiential learning.