Learning Evaluation and Student Experience Research

LEAD administer and analyse a number of strategic University surveys annually, biannually, and on an ad hoc basis to contribute to UC Student Lifecycle Research.  

Interactive Data Dashboards

The LEAD team are taking a new approach to data accessibility, allowing stakeholders across the university to interact with the data in a way that is most relevant to them. The PowerBI dashboards allow users to filter cohorts, slice and dice, and click on visualisations to see how the interactions offer unique insights.

Currently, all staff are able to access the Graduate Destinations dashboard. More dashboards are currently in development and will be released throughout the year. Click here to access the dashboards (opens new window).

Our roadmap for 2020 dashboard development includes:

  • Learning & Teaching – expected late February
  • Postgraduate Experiences (including Exit feedback) – expected late March
  • Student Experiences on campus – expected mid-year

Dashboards, including the Graduate Destinations dashboard, will be updated periodically as more data is collected from the student cohort.

Note: if using PC, use Chrome or Edge. If using Mac, use Safari.

IT has made the Power BI Report Server accessible to all UC staff, however, it is important to note that opening up the portal access to all staff is a proof-of-concept, and at present IT cannot guarantee the portal’s performance.


LEAD Research Instruments


Reports are available on the UC Staff Intranet here 

Other requests for reports will be considered on a case-by-case basis.