Tutor Training

Tutor training is offered for postgraduate students who take on teaching and demonstrating roles at the university. We offer four different kinds of workshops. Workshops are offered twice a year, just prior to the start of each semester.

Facilitators: Erik Brogt, Brad Hurren, Trevor Nesbit

Training SessionsDate, Time & Location

Basic tutor training

This session is aimed at new tutors and demonstrators without
prior teaching experience and covers general teaching
techniques, large and small group teaching, creating a positive
classroom climate and classroom management, question
asking / answering strategies; typical scenarios that tutors / demonstrators may face in their teaching duties and intervention strategies.

All sessions run 10am-12pm 

Mon 12 July, Rehua 528

Thu 15 July, Rehua 528

Advanced tutor training

This session is aimed at those who have completed the basic tutor training or experienced tutors. We discuss in more depth topics around the responsibilities of tutoring, engaging students, techniques to make student thinking visible, and creating and maintaining culturally inclusive and safe learning environments. 

All sessions run 10am-12pm

Fri 16 July, Rehua 528



Lab supervision and problem-sets sessions

This session is aimed primarily at students in engineering and
science who supervise undergraduate students in labs or tutorials aimed at solving (mathematical) problem sets, but who do little whole-class teaching. The focus is on working with individual students and small groups. Topics include managing and setting expectations, question asking strategies, approachability, facilitation of appropriate group dynamics, and the creation of emotionally and physically safe learning environments. Note that this workshop does not include lab health and safety.

This session has about 50% overlap with the Basic Tutor Training workshop, so students should not enrol in both. 

All sessions run 10am-12pm

Wed 14 July, Rehua 528


Remote Tutoring Workshop

This workshop is aimed at tutors conducting tutorials online. The workshop covers the difference and similarities of traditional face-to-face and online tutorials, the technical set-up of online tutorials, setting and managing expectations, and practical online facilitation skills.

A sessions run 10am-12pm 

Tue 13 July, Rehua 528