Research on Learning & Teaching

Academic development supports colleagues wanting to do research on teaching and learning. This can include support on external grant applications, research design, methodology, ethics procedures, analysis and interpretation.

Current projects 

Developing a law student profile Lynne Taylor Law
Assisting the formation of inclusive engineering cohorts Philippa Martin Electrical and computer engineering

Past projects

Bring Your Own Device to field class Tim Stahl Geological Sciences
Maths Craft in Class Jeanette McLeod Mathematics & Statistics
Understanding assessment anxiety during the student
transition to university
Valerie Sotardi Educational Studies & Leadership
Virtual field trips in tertiary science Ben Kennedy Geological Sciences
Mathematical maturity: How can it inform teaching and learning
of mathematics
Maarten McKubre-Jordens Mathematics & Statistics
Knowledge transfer for sustainable earthquake risk
Tom Wilson Geological Sciences
Curriculum Restructuring Overnight: Teaching Large First-Year Classes after a Major Earthquake Erik Brogt In collaboration with Geological Sciences
and Gateway Antarctica
Common student problems with assessment during the transition to university: Support Staff perspectives, insights, and recommendations Erik Brogt In collaboration with Student Support
Improving science communication skills in science/engineering education through scenario-based role plays Erik Brogt In collaboration with Geological Sciences
Teaching for numeracy and mathematics transfer in tertiary
Erik Brogt At the request of the Faculty of Science
Transforming tertiary science education Ben Kennedy Geological Sciences
The Making of Lawyers: Expectations and Experiences of Fourth Year New Zealand Law Students Lynne Taylor School of Law
Optimising complex case studies as teaching tools in accounting Julia Wu Accounting and Information Systems