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Academic Development can help you with the implementation of the new graduate attributes (Globally Aware; Biculturally Competent and Confident; Engaged with the Community; and Employable, Innovative and Enterprising) in your programme and course curricula. Details are available at

We also assist departments and programmes in examining their curricula, their alignment and coherence, teaching and assessment techniques, and offer suggestions to improve the student experience. If institutional data is needed or other data need to be gathered for such reviews, that can be arranged with our colleagues in Institutional Research (staff only).

Academic Development supports programmes, departments, and colleges with programme of study design and alignment. Examples of past projects include:

  • Staff consultation interviews to restructure the third year of study in a department
  • Consultation and process facilitation on the design and roll-out of strategic core courses in degrees
  • Consultation on the implementation of the graduate profile in programmes of study
  • Facilitation of staff discussion around a new programme of study following the merger of departments
  • Evaluation of curriculum consistency and coherence in programmes of study
  • Consultation on the design and structure of new degrees
  • Assessment and student workload balancing in programmes of study
  • Assessment restructure and alignment for programmes of study
  • Supporting students in the transition from high school to university

The role that Academic Development plays varies depending on the needs of the project, ranging from independent advisor to facilitator to project management to evaluator. In most projects, Academic Development works closely with colleagues from Learning Evaluation / Institutional Research, and the Business Insight team in Financial Services to provide and contextualise data on which project decisions are based or to provide evaluation data. In addition Academic Development works closely with the Kaiārahi Māori in the Office of the AVC- Māori and the Flexible Learning Advisors in in E-Learning Support to support the design and implementation of new curriculum and pedagogies.

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