Student Survey Policy and Procedures


Student Community Online Survey Policy


COVID-19 Update:

Because of the potential increased burden placed on UC students learning solely online during this time, we are placing more robust processes in place around the assessment of applications to survey UC students.


Due to the strategic nature of ESI Student Lifecycle survey research, ESI hold priority for surveying UC students. As such, any online surveying for currently enrolled students, graduands, and graduates must be done in accordance with the University of Canterbury’s Student Community Online Survey Policy 

This screening tool was created to assist those who wish to administer an online survey to any UC students to maintain compliance with the Student Community Online Survey Policy.  

If you are planning to survey the UC Student Community, please provide the administrative details about your survey through the screening tool.  

You will be asked a series of questions about the survey you wish to administer, and approval to run the survey may or may not be granted on the basis of your responses.

Please fill out separate screening forms for each survey that you are interested in administering. 


Survey Calendar

In accordance with the Student Community Online Survey Policy, please reference the UC Survey Calendar 21.7.20 (701 KB) for permissible timing for any surveying of students (current or graduated).

 This is living a document and will updated as dates are finalised. 

Note: Calendar is subject to change without notice. Contact with any questions.