Teaching Evaluation

Teaching Evaluations can be a useful feedback tool for staff and are required by the University’s academic promotions process.

Staff will be able the request evaluations via LEARN. For actual "How to" instructions on requesting a teaching evaluation please see the link below:

Request a Teaching Evaluation  (PDF, 167KB)

The best time to have your teaching evaluation is towards the end of your teaching and when students are still actively using LEARN. Please see the calendar for the scheduled teaching evaluation windows and note the deadline for each window:

2022 Student Evaluation of Teaching Calendar (PDF, 280KB)

There are 5 mandatory teaching evaluation questions (PDF, 901KB) (staff only). Similar to the course evaluation, it is now possible to add 3 custom questions or choose questions from the question banks. Please see the following link for instructions on how to do this:

Adding custom questions to SET evaluations (PDF, 164.5KB)

Similar to the course evaluation, the evaluation results will be made available as soon as grades have been released to students.