Erik Brogt

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What is the pedagogical reasoning behind why you teach the way you do?

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My main research interest is the application of educational psychology to teaching and learning in university settings. I examine the interplay between instructors, students, the curriculum and the setting (both physical and mental) in which the teaching and learning is taking place. I am interested in instructors' pedagogical thinking and expectations, and the enactment of those in terms of course goals, curriculum structure, teaching techniques, assessment tasks and (non)-verbal behaviours. I am also interested in adaptations and optimisations of generic good teaching practice strategies to a given classroom situation to fit the local sociodynamics. As an academic developer, I work closely with other academic staff to support their teaching practices, curriculum and assessment development, and discipline-based higher education research efforts.

I have been involved in numerous physics and astronomy education research projects in the past. These days, the discipline I work most closely with in terms of this research is hazard and disaster management. I am interested in the psychology of geohazard education and communication, in particular science communication from geohazard scientists to various stakeholder audiences.

Recent Publications

  • Brogt E. (2020) Engaging with different professional recognition and development opportunities for academic developers. International Journal for Academic Development
  • Shephard K., Rogers T. and Brogt E. (2020) Impacts of engaging in research into teaching and learning on academics’ conceptions of their development as teachers and on the roles of academic developers. International Journal for Academic Development 25(3): 205-217.
  • Sotardi VA. and Brogt E. (2020) Influences of learning strategies on assessment experiences and outcomes during the transition to university. Studies in Higher Education 45(9): 1973-1985.
  • Sotardi VA., Bosch J. and Brogt E. (2020) Multidimensional influences of anxiety and assessment type on task performance. Social Psychology of Education 23(2): 499-522.
  • Jolley A., Hampton S., Brogt E., Kennedy B., Fraser L. and Knox A. (2019) Student field experiences: Designing for different instructors and variable weather. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 43(1): 71-95.