Dr Masayoshi Ogino

Location: Japanese
Masayoshi Ogino

Described by his colleagues as bringing ‘magic’ to his classroom, Masa’s approach is innovative and outstanding as it enhances student learning through creating, developing and sustaining a readily accessible, multi-layered learning community which is supportive and inclusive. His tuakana-teina senior-junior peer support system is highly effective and popular, involving third year students mentoring first year students.  Over 1,300 local high school students have attended workshops at UC since 2013 which include senior UC students acting as teaching assistants to the school visitors.


The success of Masa’s teaching is due to his natural character which is respectful and empathetic to all students and his deep understanding of language teaching driven by his internationally recognised research in second language acquisition. A third year student described him as: “super helpful, super kind and incredibly understanding. He knows when to push someone, and then to hold back a little if a student is really struggling and needs more encouragement. He always makes the class feel welcome and supported.”  


His genuine enthusiasm for his subject and his students led to the presentation in 2018 of a Certificate of Commendation from the Japanese Ambassador for his distinguished service in contributing to the deepening of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and New Zealand.