Phillipa Gourdie

Location: School of Mathematics and Statistics
Phillipa Gourdie

Nominated by Irene David, School of Mathematics and Statistics

Philippa’s work as a senior tutor involves supporting students in the transition to university as well as teaching first-year mathematics. Her teaching is described by students as "enthusiastic, effective, enjoyable and exciting – even for mathematics!".

Phillipa’s greatest desire is to see students succeed, and she is always learning so that she can better support this. Her belief is that a great teacher must have a deep love of teaching themselves. She is known as a teacher who actively investigates the relevant teaching research and different ways of doing things and her willingness to share and discuss teaching ideas is welcomed by her colleagues.

Phillipa connects with her students and creates a sense of community and belonging in every learning setting, whether it be a lecture, tutorial or help session. Even when teaching very large courses with an increasingly diverse range of students, she gets to know as many of them as possible as individuals. She is warm, accessible, compassionate and caring and this is recognised by her students who know they can go to her with their problems and challenges. In her

In her classes she sets high expectations for students and demonstrates these herself as she strives for excellence.