Ronnie O'Toole

Location: School of Educational Studies and Leadership
ronnie o'toole for teaching awards

I am a learning and teaching “addict’ whose eclectic background studies and experience along with having learned from some of the best education role models you could find, explains why I just can’t stop wanting to learn about and teach about learning.

I am an example of what can happen in adult and lifelong learning, if a person becomes inspired by a single event, such as the excellent facilitation of a single Professional Development course which I attended in 1991 and I have not stopped learning since. Such an experience becomes a resource for others depending on how this is paid forward.

This UC Teaching Award is an acknowledgement of the work to date of the various educational teams that I have worked with and the educators and students I have learned from. It is an acknowledgement of the importance of each and every moment in teaching, and the unexpected positive consequences that any teaching moment may promise for the future.