Debra Wilson

Location: School of Law
debra wilson for teaching awards
One of the greatest teachers I ever had said to me, "all you need is a pencil and a mind ready for knowledge". Another told me, "get an opinion or don’t waste my time". Without both of them, I wouldn’t be a teacher today.

I hope to challenge my students, the way that I was challenged, to foster critical thinking skills and to allow them to form their own opinions. I hope to inspire them to care as much about the topics I’m teaching as I do.

I make my classes as interactive and student-centred as possible. I aim to encourage teamwork and have derived great pleasure from the amazing race style 'scavenger hunt' which I instituted for first-year students which are designed to teach students about the academic and social aspects of law school life. The hunt involves every law academic and administrative staff member and about 15 senior students in a teaching role and ends with a whole Law School barbecue.

There is a real buzz to teaching a class that is excited and engaged. I believe that all students have the ability to succeed and I encourage them to reach the highest standards in both academia and life. My students describe me as a passionate, enthusiastic, charismatic, sarcastic and approachable teacher.