Rajesh Dhakal

Location: Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering
rajesh dhakal

Constantly reviewing, improving and updating his teaching style and course materials is second nature to this dedicated lecturer who works tirelessly to inspire his students to reach their full potential.

Responding to recent events, Rajesh Dhakal has co-led the development of three new postgraduate qualifications in earthquake engineering and, following requests from IPENZ, has developed an earthquake engineering refresher course for professional engineers which he has taught throughout New Zealand.

He is also recognised as a mentor for newer colleagues in his department. He leads by example, having taught six undergraduate courses, three postgraduate courses and supervised 55 research projects. Rajesh describes his aim in teaching as achieving a ‘pin-drop-silence’ environment where students are totally focussed and engaged in his classes. Although he teaches large classes and is committed in so many areas, his students say “he is happy to drop what he is doing, just to help students with points they do not understand.”