Ekant Veer

Location: Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
ekant veer in lecture hall with students

Ekant admits that he has an overt passion and enthusiasm for both his material and his students. He loves marketing and seeing students build a passion for the topic and follow on from 100-level to research. A former UCSA lecturer of the year, and winner of several teaching awards at his previous university, he actively seeks to stretch students, encourages them to think critically and engages in discussions with them both online and offline to ensure they understand the concepts being discussed and how they apply to real life situations and how academic research can impact marketing practice. Ekant is an innovative teacher who regularly tweets his students and revises his teaching material in the light of student feedback. He has an internationally acclaimed blog on teaching practices and has been invited by a number of universities across the world to lecture on advancing academic careers and research-led teaching.