National Teaching Excellence Awards

The National Teaching Excellence Awards are annual awards established by the Government to recognise and encourage excellence in tertiary teaching.

The award recipients are selected by a Tertiary Teaching Awards committee, appointed by the Minister of Education. These awards were presented for the first time in 2002.

  • See the Ako Aotearoa website for a full list of all recipients or view profiles of UC recipients below.

UC winners

Heather Purdie (2019)

Location: School of Earth and Environment

Masa Ogino (2019)

Location: School of Language, Social, and Political Sciences

Ekant Veer (2018)

Location: School of Marketing, Management & Entrepreneurship

Ursula Cheer (2017)

Location: School of Law

Ben Kennedy (2017)

Location: Department of Geological Sciences

Angus McIntosh (2007)

Location: Department of Biological Sciences

Stephen Hickson (2012)

Location: Department of Economics and Finance

Herb de Vries (2015)

Location: Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Emily Parker (2010)

Location: Biomolecular Interaction Centre

Juliet Gerrard (2004)

Location: Department of Biological Sciences

Angus Hikairo Macfarlane (2015)

Location: School of Teacher Education

Rua Murray (2013)

Location: School of Mathematics and Statistics

Jon Harding (2011)

Location: Department of Biological Sciences

Eric Pawson (2009)

Location: Department of Geography

Roger Nokes (2006)

Location: Department of Civil Engineering

Tim Bell (2002)

Location: Department of Computer Science

Charles Fleischmann (2015)

Location: Civil and Natural Resources Engineering