Qualtrics Survey Support

The university's survey and questionnaire tool is Qualtrics. Qualtrics has the capacity and options for a range of online surveys and questionnaires. Once you set up an account you can design and distribute surveys, and evaluate survey results.

You CAN NOT use non-university forms or systems for the collection or storage of staff or student personal data. This is to protect the collection and use of staff and student data as per the UC Privacy Policy and Privacy Act 1993. It includes Google forms or any other online form systems.

How do I access Qualtrics surveys?

Any UC staff member or student with a @canterbury.ac.nz or @uclive.ac.nz email address can access Qualtrics surveys.

Go to https://canterbury.qualtrics.com/ (opens new tab). This link will present a login window. First time users just need to click on "Don’t have an account?”.

Once you have done this, follow the account creation process. You will then receive a verification email, and you can then begin using the survey tools.

How do I learn to use Qualtrics?

Qualtrics provides extensive online training and tutorials, as well as weekly "webinars" and tips for conducting research and formulating survey questions.

What do I do if I need help?

If you have any questions about what Qualtrics can do or need help, you can