Student evaluation of teaching

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Course and Teaching evaluations are run by the Learning Evaluation & Academic Development (LEAD).

2018 Course Evaluation Results

Please see Historical Data and College Averages Intranet for the 2018 Course Evaluation results.

Requesting Evaluations

Staff will be able the request evaluations via Learn. For some useful background information, please see the document below:

2019 Student Evaluation of Teaching Calendar (PDF, 413KB)

For actual "How to" instructions on requesting a teaching evaluation please see the link below:

Request a Teaching Evaluation ‌(PDF, 151KB)

Adding Custom Questions to Evaluations

There are 5 mandatory course and teaching evaluation questions. It is now possible to add 3 custom questions to both course and teaching evaluations. Please see the following link for instructions on how to do this:

Adding custom questions to SET evaluations‌ (PDF, 134KB)

Release of Evaluation Results

In line with policy, evaluation results will be made available as soon as grades have been released to students (please refer to Examinations Intranet). A benefit of the new system is that lecturers and HODs can access results immediately on this date without any processing time.

Early release of results for whole year courses:

Staff who have completed their teaching in whole year courses can apply to the Survey Coordinator to have their teaching evaluation results released along with Semester 1 results. Any teaching evaluations for whole year courses will be available upon the release of student grades at the end of the year unless an early release request is made.

Viewing Course and Teaching Evaluation results ‌(PDF, 112KB)‌

Assigning the "Access to SET Results" Role in Learn

An additional role in Learn has been created to enable appropriate teaching staff to access course evaluation results. This role, called "Access to SET Results", needs to be assigned to the appropriate people through each course's Learn page.

Please see the following document for further information and instructions:

Assigning the Access to SET Results Role in Learn (PDF, 211 KB)

Closing the feedback loop: Informing students about the results of evaluations

In ethical research, strong emphasis is placed on debriefing participants and informing them on the results and outcomes of a study. SETs should aim for the same results, as asking for students’ feedback creates an expectation that their suggestions will be addressed. If this expectation is not delivered, there is a risk of disengagement from further SET participation. Although many staff already close the loop by informing students of the results of their evaluations, this is yet to become a widespread practice. We invite all staff to actively engage in closing the loop using such practices as detailed below.

If a teacher wishes to respond directly to feedback given in a SET response, the following template form can be used and then uploaded to LEARN:

Student Evaluation of Teaching: Feedback to Students on Courses PDF (7KB)

For further information regarding closing the feedback loop, and for an example of how previous feedback has been integrated into a course outline please see the following documents:

School of Biological Sciences, BIOL377 Global Change and Biosecurity (PDF, 280KB)

Using Student Evaluations to Enhance Teaching Practice - Closing the Loop (PDF, 658KB) (Stein, S. J., Spiller, D., Terry, S., Harris, T., Deaker, L., & Kennedy, J. 2012. Using student evaluations to enhance teaching practice: Closing the loop. Wellington, New Zealand: Ako Aotearoa.)

UC Staff Survey Archive (before 2016)

For all UC Staff Survey data before 2016, please contact the Survey Coordinator at

Historical Data and College Averages

For course and teaching survey averages data, please refer to Historical Data and College Averages Intranet.

Frequently asked questions

For a list of frequently asked questions about the new SET system and their responses please see the following document:

Student Evaluation of Teaching SET FAQS‌ (PDF, 142KB)‌