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The Academic Quality Assurance Unit and the Academic Development Group are part of the wider Academic Services Group.

The Academic Quality Assurance Unit (AQuA), previously the Academic Policy and Programmes Unit, was formed in February 2005 to oversee academic regulations, policy, programmes, processes and academic quality assurance at the University of Canterbury.

The Academic Services Group applies a wide range of expertise and attention to detail in order to ensure that every area of our wide portfolio is delivered to a high standard. We work with many areas across UC and beyond with high schools, other universities and organisations to ensure that UC qualifications continue to reach the highest national and international standards.

For all teaching-related information such as academic development, resources, institutional research, teaching week and teaching grants, see UC Staff Intranet.

For quality assurance including audits and student evaluation of teaching, see our Quality assurance pages.

A full list of award winners can be found on our Awards pages.

Admission to UC

The Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Academic) has authority delegated from the Academic Board for admission to the University of Canterbury. For non-standard admission she, in turn, has delegated this authority as follows:

  • Admission Ad Eundem Statum (international and domestic) - Student Services Innovation Manager
  • Discretionary admission - Academic Processes Coordinator
    • Admission cases without precedent
    • Admission cases with unconfirmed precedent
    • Mixed qualifications
    • Home-school study
    • Discretionary Entrance
    • Provisional Admission

Group responsibilities

  • Academic quality assurance
  • Academic approval processes for new courses and programmes
  • Academic policy development and review
  • Academic audit
  • Academic progress review
  • Academic dates and associated publications
  • Administrative support for Academic Board (intranet, staff only)
  • Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Academic Administration Committee 
  • Appeal and discipline cases
  • Academic development
  • Academic regulations 
  • Coordination of academic appeals and grievances
  • Course and teaching surveys
  • Institutional research and project management on academic issues
  • Discretionary admission to university
  • Summer School
  • Survey support
  • The STAR programme
  • Teaching Week
  • Teaching Awards and Medal
  • Teaching consultations
  • Teaching Development Grants
  • Tutor training

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