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Ken Wai

Post Doctoral Fellow

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

17 October 2023


  • Registered member of Engineering New Zealand, Water New Zealand and The Sustainability Society.

Ken Wai has been involved in academic and research careers since completing his Master's in 2003.

His research interests mainly focus on the potential and practical application of sustainable and affordable nature-based solutions (NbS) in three waters treatment.

Water quality analysis on the pollutant's concentration using ion chromatography, total organic carbon analyser, heavy metal digester and analyser, and flow injection analyser is one of his strong hands-on and analytical skills.

Ken is also keen on applying experimental design and optimisation tools in scientific research, such as the Design of experiments (DOE) for quickly optimising the performance of systems with known input variables and applied statistical analysis (SPSS) in most of his academic research.

For his Master's research, he explored the unique concept of incorporating membrane filtration with coagulation using natural plant-based extract coagulant in treating domestic wastewater.

He recently completed his doctorate in Civil Engineering with the research accomplishment in the novelty of suspended raingarden in stormwater treatment.

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