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Sky Halford


Tracing indicators of mental health: The case of antidepressants in waste streams

27 November 2023

Sky’s research interests lie broadly in the fields of sustainability and environmental protection, and the intersection between human actions and their impact on the environment. She has focussed primary on freshwater resource management within her studies, but is also interested in other areas such as housing, transportation, energy, and mental health and wellbeing. For her PhD research in Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, Sky is investigating the presence of antidepressant compounds in New Zealand waste streams (i.e. wastewater effluent and sludge) and developing methods in wastewater treatment facilities to remove these compounds. Currently, there is very little information regarding the presence of these antidepressant entering the environment, which could have negative implications for our many native species.



Start date: 2020

Proposed end date: 2023

Type of position sought: Academic, Research

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