What if Wednesdays - Free public lectures, twice monthly

The University of Canterbury holds free public lectures on campus, twice a month on Wednesdays from 7.00pm.

The What if Wednesdays (WIW) public lecture series will run from March to October in 2014. This year the series will be held twice a month with interesting topics and speakers from the University of Canterbury.

Should you wish to revisit any of the WIW lectures from earlier this year or 2013, you can view them via our YouTube channel.

Upcoming Lectures

13 August

What if… Cancer screening can cause harm as well as benefit?

Professor Ann Richardson, Wayne Francis Cancer Epidemiology Research Group, School of Health Sciences

  • What are the potential benefits and harms of cancer screening?
  • Why are the benefits of cancer screening sometimes overestimated?
  • How do the benefits and harms of screening for different cancers compare?

Although the benefits of screening tend to be well recognised, the potential harms of screening are not always acknowledged. Understanding the benefits and harms will help people to make informed decisions about cancer screening.

Ann Richardson is an epidemiologist and public health physician. Ann obtained her undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in medicine and public health in New Zealand, was a clinical research fellow at the University of Oxford, and was Professor of Public Health at the University of Otago Christchurch campus. Ann has also worked as a public health physician for the Canterbury District Health Board. Ann has served on national working parties and advisory groups, and in 2008 received a QSO for services to public health.

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27 August

What if… Entrepreneurs led the Christchurch rebuild?

Associate Professor Sussie Morrish, Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, College of Business and Law

Entrepreneurs recognize and pursue opportunities that others simply ignore. They start ventures, create products and markets, and bear the risk of failure. These artefacts impact people, planet and society.

The Christchurch rebuild is a hotbed of entrepreneurial opportunities where new entrepreneurs have emerged. More recently, we have also seen the rise of social entrepreneurship. While others despair at the destruction of the CBD, they see new opportunities. What does this mean to Christchurch? In this What If Wednesday lecture, we look at the entrepreneurial mindset and ask “What if entrepreneurs led the Christchurch rebuild?”

Please note that this lecture will take place in a different venue - A2 Lecture Theatre, North Arts.

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