Training options - Web Team - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Web training: options available

Basic Dreamweaver training

The basic Dreamweaver training teaches the minimum concepts and skills required to update a UC website.

Self-paced training modules to further develop web skills

These modules package instructions and resources from the 'How to', 'CIS Resources' and 'Web Style Guide' sections of this website into focused self-paced training modules for web maintainers, content writers and CIS maintainers.

These suggestions are based on identified areas of weakness and need across UC websites. Each one comprises a web concept, skill and where to apply it in your website. Suitable for PD&R.


  • Free self-paced training offered within UC
  • Immediate changes to your site (time commitment includes applying learning to your site)
  • Concepts and skills relevant to maintaining and improving your site
  • Improve the user experience of your site

Course Information System (CIS)

Online help and guidance