New web administrators - How to - Web Team - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Steps to becoming a web maintainer

To administer your department's website effectively you must be a motivated self-starter and enjoy taking initiative. You are expected to build your skill level through practice, referring to Dreamweaver training material and the Web Team site.

Discuss the information on this page with your HOD or supervisor so they understand the skills and commitment required.

4 hours of Dreamweaver training teaches you the basics

  • The foundation web concept of editing and uploading files
  • Website structure of folders, files and how URLs relate to them
  • Apply standard UC styles and templates
  • How to make basic website edits

Goals of basic Dreamweaver training

Use best web practice to:

  • Make simple text updates
  • Apply heading styles
  • Insert images onto a page
  • Create tables
  • Create a new page
  • Add documents and link to them
  • Link to pages in your site and other sites

Step 1 - Check you have the basic level of computer skills required

  • To effectively maintain and update your department website you must be competent in basic computer skills
  • Essential computing skills required for administering a UC website

Step 2 - Get Dreamweaver installed on your machine

Step 3 - Training

Step 4 - Dreamweaver training request form

Once you are trained you need permission to access your website files

Access to your Dreamweaver and website files

  • You need to have access assigned so you can edit your website files in Dreamweaver and make them live on your website for people to view
  • See Get access to my site for details