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How to resize an image

These instructions change the resolution and physical size of an image by resizing it. The resized image looks exactly the same, but is smaller.


Before resizing After resizing

What is the physical size of my image?

Never use Dreamweaver to resize an image. See why you need to optimse correctly.

1. Open an image to resize. File - Open. Navigate to where the image is stored that you want to resize

2. Select Save for Web. File - Save for Web (this automatically changes the resolution to 72dpi)

3. Select the hand tool (top left of Save for Web). If the image is bigger than the display area you can move it around with the hand.

4. The original size of the image (px) is displayed on the right

5. Enter a new width or height (px) using the examples of physical size

6. Make sure the constrain proportions box is ticked. This will ensure your image stays in correct proportion, ie if you enter a figure in the width field, the correct height will be entered for you in the height field

7. Click the 'Apply' button to make the new size take effect

8. The new image size appears on both sides of the Save for Web box. The original image size is still displayed on the right along with the new image size (px)

9. You can now either save photo or save images with limited colours.