Obtaining images legally - Images for the web - Web Team - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Obtaining images legally

It is your department's responsibility to source images legally for the web.

Sources for your images

  • Images can be supplied to you by your department
  • Staff and campus photos can be taken by the university photographer
  • Images can be downloaded from the web (check you can legally use them)
  • Images/photos can be scanned (check you can legally use them)

Legal requirements for using images

  • Your images on the web must comply with the Copyright Act and legal requirements (see Images and Copyright (Information and Records Management website)
  • You must have permission before using an image someone else has taken/made. This means you cannot scan, download from the web or otherwise obtain images you like but don't have permission to use
  • All photos of people must have the appropriate permission for use. See photo consent forms (CER intranet - staff only)
  • You must have the permission of students before photographing their work to put on your website