How to crop an image - Images for the web - Web Team - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

How to crop an image

These instructions show you how to crop an image to the size you want the final image to be, and crops out unnecessary background.

Before cropping After cropping

Find the physical size of an image

1. Open an image to crop. File - Open. Navigate to where the image is stored that you want to crop

2. Select the crop tool in the tool bar

3. Enter the width and height in pixels, eg 100 px (width) x 160 px (height) using examples of physical size

4. Enter 72 in the resolution field and pixels/inch in the drop down menu to the right

5. Click and drag the crop tool across the image. You can choose how much of the image you want to include by dragging a corner of the cropping outline. (The size of the image is set by what you entered in the height and width fields).

To move the cropping outline to a different area of your image, click and drag the outline from anywhere within the crop outline.

6. Click the 'yes' to crop, or 'no' button to cancel crop

Zoom Tool

This allows you to zoom in and out of the image. If the image you are working of appears very small or large, this tool will help you.

1. Select the zoom tool

2. Select either the + (zoom in), or - (zoom out)

3. Either click on the image to increase or decrease the image. This will depend if + (zoom in), or - (zoom out) is selected

4. Or, click on the small arrow beside the zoom percentage field. A slider bar appears

5. Click, hold and drag along the slider bar and percentage you are viewing the image at will change

6. With both methods watch the viewing percentage to see what percentage the image is on the screen

7. Or, click and drag the zoom tool across an area of your image you wish to zoom in on

In this example it will zoom in to look like below.

Saving your image

You can now either saving photos or saving images with limited colours.