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Form processes and requests

You can not use non-university forms or systems for the collection or storage of staff or student personal data. This is to protect the collection and use of staff and student data as per the UC Privacy Policy and Privacy Act 1993. It includes Google forms or any other online forms system.

There are some exceptions including the use of Qualtrics for the collection of survey data. If you have any questions or requirements please contact IRM staff for advice.

Ensure your form is complete, functions as it should and meets your legal obligations

1. Think about your audience who will use your form

The questions you ask and how you ask them impact on whether people will engage with you and submit your form. Think about:

  • What is the purpose of your form? Why will users fill in your form?
  • Are you aware of the universities legal responsibilities when collecting, using and storing data?
  • Do you need to ask all the questions you've thought of? (Remember people are more likely to complete a form with less rather than more fields and questions)
  • What is the benefit of each question to your user and have you been clear about that? Eg "Asking this now helps us to provide you with the support you need". If you can't think of a benefit to your users do you really need to ask that question?
  • Think of your form as a conversation using a tone that makes sense to your audience. This will help set a tone that encourages people to use your form. Eg "I prefer to be contacted by" rather than Preferred form of contact"
  • What is the call to action? Is it "Submit" or "Please sign me up for .....". Which makes more sense to your audience and is more inviting?

2. Information you supply for your form

Outlines the content and you need to email to us before we start developing your form.

3. Privacy and consent statement

Complying with privacy and legal responsibilities with forms is required for all forms, questionnaires and surveys. This page outlines your responsibilites and includes wording for you to copy and edit for the consent section of your form.

4. Form testing and sign off: what is involved and what you need to do

Explains how you test your form and sign off during the development process. Until you test and sign off we cannot continue to develop your form.