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Service unit websites optional content

Service unit websites may have additional content specific to their audience needs.

Principles to keep in mind

  1. Many services services/processes are related and cross several websites. Think about what students need to do next outside of your website. Consider how to inform students of what and where they next need to go to help them complete their task
  2. Our primary audience is students. Write and edit with their needs in mind. Your content should reflect what they need to do and know, not your internal structure and processes
  3. Avoid duplicating detailed content about information and processes eg Enrolment, Admissions and Regulations etc. Link to the correct page in central or college websites
  4. Put the most useful and relevant content first. Avoid long introductions and welcomes. People scan web pages, hunting for information. They don't passively take in everything presented on a page

About page

Apply or process pages

Forms (presenting forms on a web page)

For headings (eg Students, Staff, Graduates etc)

Requirements/Resources/How to

Pages offering a service