Service unit websites compulsory content - Writing for the web - Web Team - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Service unit websites compulsory content

These are the compulsory content pages for service unit websites. You may have other optional pages specific to your audience.


  • single or multiple page(s) depending on your audience's needs
  • embedded map showing your department's location, using UC's online google map system (contact for map location and information updates)
  • headings and information for location, postal address, phone and general enquiries
  • additional information - headings and contact details specific to your department eg Email for general advice on:, Hours, Dates, First year student enquiries, Email us, Phone us, Visit us, Courier Address etc
  • Examples

News and Announcements/Features (right hand column, home page)

Note: There are some exceptions to including news, announcements etc. Mostly you should have at least one announcement (or similar) to tell your audience. Decided on a case by case basis.

  • departments manually update this part and can choose the heading title (needs to fit within the right hand column)
  • heading is usually bold text (can be a link) with or without 1 or 2 lines of additional text
  • depending on your function more than one heading may be required (with guidance from the Web Team)
  • some flexibility for layout (depending on a the users needs, with guidance from the Web Team)
  • format for items:
    International Orientation and Enrolment in person
    Orientation is compulsory for all first year/new international
    students. All international students must enrol in person.
  • Examples


Note: There are some exceptions to including a people page(s). Decided on a case by case basis.

  • page or pages listing all staff in the department
  • each person's information should include: a professional photo taken by the UC photographers (unless Manager approves no photo shown). Photos help students and staff identify someone
  • name, role, room, phone number, extension, hours (if part time), email
  • Usually no individual staff pages to link so name is bold only. Title can be bold or regular
  • format for listing details:
    Joe Bloggs
    Head of Department
    Alice Candy, Room: 137
    Phone: +64 3 3642 123 ext 1234
  • Examples