Initial page to advertise your conference - Web Team - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Step 1 - Initial page to advertise your conference

Initially we can build a 1 page website (2 pages if you use the register your interest form, as it needs a thank you page too) providing preliminary information:

Note: Not every conference needs this, but you do if to start with you simply want a page to let people know the basics (with registration form and other pages to follow).

Content and information the Web Team needs before we begin:

  • Conference title and date for the banner (banner colour is the college colour). The Web Team creates your banner from the image supplied (needs to be a minimum of 1000px wide)
  • Image for the banner
  • Content and layout for initial one page website (opens new tab) - summary information and contact details as per this page
    (Note: If a conference email address is needed the hosting department contact needs to request an email address via the Self Service Portal
  • Form to register interest (optional). If the register interest form is used you will also need to provide content for a thank you page.
  • Privacy and legal responsibilities - details of privacy and consent wording your form must include, and what your department's obligations are. Privacy and consent statement
    Thank you page for registering your interest (opens new tab) - content as per this page
  • Hosting department and contact. (A conference hosted by someone in Civil Engineering will have the conference website within the Civil Engineering site). The Web Team helps decide the conference URL
  • Name of person who will be available to test the forms (if one is required)
  • Name of person who will sign off this one page (including the form)
  • Date to launch the initial 1-page
Once we have received all of the content listed we can develop your initial 1 (or 2) page website.