Complete your conference website - Web Team - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Step 3 - Complete your conference website

Once all content is finalised and supplied to the Web Team we complete a 7 page website, including 2 forms and online payments (plus additional 2 pages if required eg field trip or site visit details).

We offer a standard kitset that looks and functions like the demonstration conference website. We are unable to offer custom builds. Content includes your choice of one of the two price options offered (step 2) and text, form information and graphics following the requirements below.

If you didn't need an initial page to advertise your conference you also need to provide:

  • Conference title and date for the banner (banner colour is the college colour). The Web Team creates your banner from the image supplied (needs to be a minimum of 1000px wide)
  • Image for the banner
  • Hosting department and contact. (A conference hosted by someone in Civil Engineering will have the conference website within the Civil Engineering site). The Web Team helps decide the conference URL
  • Name of person who will test the form(s)
  • Name of person who will sign off the website (including the form)

Links to the demonstration pages: templates for content, layout and form options

We are not resourced to offer alternative layouts or different form options to what is offered below.