Steps for all UC hosted conferences - Web Team - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Steps for all UC hosted conferences

The Campus Services Team is your first point of contact -

We build conference websites in two stages.

What we require of departments

  • Realistic expectations based on the demonstration conference website
  • Content finalised within agreed to time frames
  • Name of day-to-day contact person
  • Name of person who will be available to test the form
  • Name of person who can sign off at each stage of development

What the Web Team can’t do

  • Supply a banner image, check copyright and privacy requirements for text or images
  • Write or edit content, chase for content and make conference decisions
  • Build non-standard registration or abstract forms

Step 1 - Initial page to advertise your conference

  • If required we can build you an initial 1 page website (2 pages if you use the register your interest form, as it needs a thank you page too) providing basic information
  • Initial page to advertise your conference - details of content required before we build your initial page

Step 2 - Select a price option for your conference

  • Choose either Option 1 or Option 2 registration price option. The Web Team arranges with IT for the prices to be built once we have everything we need from you
  • Select a price option for your conference - details of price options and the information you need to supply

Step 3 - Complete your conference website

  • Once all content is finalised and supplied to the Web Team we complete a 7 page website, including 2 forms and online payments (plus additional 2 pages if required eg field trip or site visit details) is developed
  • Complete your conference website - details of content you need to provide and access to the demonstration conference website