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Update the CIS (Course Maintenance)

CIS Maintainers can update the CIS through Course Maintenance.
This section shows you how to edit the information departments can change.

Login page for Course Maintenance (staff only - opens new window)
All UC staff have read only access to Course Maintenance. To edit you need access. See the access, training and support for CIS Maintainers page.

Instructions for updating the CIS using each tab in Course Maintenance

Overview of the Course Maintenance tab interface

Routine 'must do's as you edit courses

  • You need to either click 'save' or 'cancel' each time you edit something, before moving to a new tab or searching for another course.
  • To test if the information you have entered is displaying correctly check the course on the Courses, Subjects and Qualifications website. If you are already on the course information page on the Web, press 'F5' to refresh your web browser and see the changes.
    Note: Changes can take up to 15 minutes to show on the web.