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Getting started: CIS Resources

Update the CIS

  • Update the CIS (Course Maintenance) (CIS Maintainers)
    CIS information editable by departments is updated through Course Maintenance
  • Find who updates each part of the CIS
    Information on which system/team/person updates each part of the CIS. Also guidelines on which fields are mandatory, optional etc. (Note: only some parts are updated by departments within Course Maintenance)

Link to the CIS from your website

Timeline of CIS dates and tasks

Course search to find CIS details from previous or future years

About the CIS

The Course Information System (CIS) brings data from the Jade Student Management System (JSMS) and publishes it to the web to produce the Courses parts of the Courses, Subjects and Qualifications website.

Some extra data is stored only in CIS.

CIS data is managed through Course Maintenance and other official sources of university information. Selected Staff update this information in the role as CIS Maintainer.