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About Web Team

Web Team is part of Marketing which is part of Student Services and Communications.

Core functions of the team

  1. web usability and best practice
  2. web support, training and advice
  3. support for the brand and marketing on the web
  4. web-database integration and efficiencies
  5. content management

Web Team Services

Web Team provide the following Services to departments

Web support and advice

Web Team provide support and advice to web and CIS maintainers

Access and training

  • Site access
  • web training

Site analysis

  • Review of site effectiveness
  • Information Architecture
  • Search engine performance
  • Web usage reports and statistics

Design and development

  • UC Branding on the Web
  • Adaptation of UC template
  • Template engineering and development
  • New websites
  • Web redevelopment and restructuring
  • Standards compliance

Web management and strategy

  • Web management
  • Web roles and staffing
  • Web and Information Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Compliance with UC Web Standards

Web systems and capital Projects

  • Capital Web Projects
  • Development of Web Systems
  • Course Information System and other UC web related systems