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New Policies

New compliance documents are added to the UC Policy Library as a need or gap is identified. For guidance, please refer to the Metapolicy, the Approval Process, and the Templates & Examples tabs. Both the intended Approval Authority and the Policy Unit must approve the development of a new compliance document.

If further assistance is required, please do not hesitate to contact the Policy Unit.

September 2017
Appointments and Election Statute

July 2017
Furniture and Storage Policy
Staff Printing Services Policy
Student Printing Services Policy

June 2017
Drones Policy

January 2017
Parking and Traffic Statute 2017

November 2016
Library Access and Borrowing Policy

July 2016
Internet Usage Policy

May 2016
Asset Management Policy

April 2016
Delegations of Authority Policy

February 2016
Special Consideration Procedures and Guidelines

November 2015
Drug and Alcohol Testing for Construction Sites: Policy and Procedures
Furniture Policy, Principles and Procedures
Procurement Policy
Social Media Policy

September 2015
Library Digitisation Policy
Scholarships, Prizes, Bursaries and Grants Policy