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Take some time to look at the links from the left bar of the home page. These provide useful background information, key definitions, answers to queries you may have, and a template and guidelines for University of Canterbury staff developing new policies and procedures.

When you begin accessing policies or procedures in the Policy Library, you will note that only the PDF version of each document is available. A further enhancement of this upgrade will include html versions at some stage in the future. Please note that once printed, or downloaded and saved or uploaded outside of the UC Policy Library, a document is considered an uncontrolled version.

Policies and procedures lodged in the Policy Library may be accessed via three different search facilities:

  • alphabetical: click on a letter and all the documents with titles commencing with that letter will pop up.
  • title/keyword: type in the actual title of the document or a keyword that appears in the title and the relevant document/s will be displayed.
  • category: select one of the categories and all the policies and procedures lodged within that category will be identified (for more information about categories, see FAQs).

These pages are reviewed and updated regularly.