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Taxes Policy and Guidelines (202KB, Version 2.00, PDF)Staff Only

This is a staff access only document that details the University's policy and guidelines regarding its compliance with tax law in respect of Goods and Services Tax (GST), Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT), Pay-As-You-Earn tax (PAYE)/withholding taxes and KiwiSaver.

Teaching, Course and Programme Surveys Policy, Procedures and Guidelines (270KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

This document outlines policy, current procedures and general guidelines for administering course surveys.

Temporary Supplementary Heating Policy (157KB, Version 2.00, PDF)

This document outlines the policy developed to ensure that an appropriate level of heating is achieved and maintained in the workplace and to identify which variety of supplementary heating may be temporarily necessary and suitable.

Thesis Availability Policy (166KB, Version 4.00, PDF)

The University requires that the outcomes of its research should generally be publicly available. However it recognises that restrictions on availability may be necessary where intellectual property is at stake, commercial contracts must be honoured, public sensitivity must be protected or cultural or personal privacy must be respected. This policy describes the conditions under which theses are made available, and the conditions and procedures by which they may be embargoed.

Traffic Management Policy and Guidelines (213KB, Version 2..00, PDF)

This policy and accompanying guidelines applies to anyone who varies the normal operating conditions of any University-owned or controlled road reserve, either directly or adjacent to and affecting the road reserve.

Travel Policy (220KB, Version 2.00, PDF)

The intent of this document is to assist safe passage for travellers on University business while mitigating travel costs for the University. The document covers domestic and international travel and the payment of travel expenses, for any person travelling on behalf of the University or with University funding.

Treasury Management Framework (457KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

The purpose of the Treasury Management Framework is to establish a robust framework for managing the financial risks associated with liquidity (cash flow management), funding and investment, counterparty credit exposure, foreign exchange, interest rate, and other financial markets risks of the University of Canterbury. The document outlines the approved policies and practices in respect of all associated Treasury activity.

Trust Funds Policy (138KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

This document outlines the University's role and responsibilities as both a trustee and administrator of trust funds and bequests.


The Use of Electronic Signatures on University Documents

The Fraud Response Policy (PDF,313KB) was updated in April 2017 to include guidelines for the use of electronic signatures on University documents. Staff and students should make themselves aware of these changes and refer to the policy in the first instance when using electronic signatures.

Parking and Traffic Statute 2017

The Parking and Traffic Statute 2003 was reviewed at the end of 2016. In addition to content changes, the location of this information has been transferred from the University Regulations website into the UC Policy Library.

The 2003 Statute is still available and is contained as an appendix to the revised 2017 Statute, available on the UC Policy Library.