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Data Management Policy (165KB, Version 2.01, PDF)

This document provides a comprehensive data management framework which is consistent across all of the University’s major information systems.

Delegations of Authority Policy (166KB, Version 2.00, PDF)

This document describes how powers and duties are delegated, and the rules governing the exercise of the delegations of authority for the University.

Disability Policy - Students (278KB, Version 2.00, PDF)

This document sets out the framework through which the University should meet its obligations under the NZ Code of Practice for an Inclusive Tertiary Education Environment for students with impairments.

Discipline Regulations (Link)

Display of Artworks Policy (265KB, Version 2.02, PDF)

This document outlines the handling, display, security, documentation and loan of the University's artworks.

Documentary Fraud Response Policy (172KB, Version 1.00, PDF)

This document outlines the University's actions following notification of alleged or actual documentary fraud.

Drug and Alcohol Testing for Construction Sites: Policy and Procedures (162KB, Version 1.01, PDF)


Policy Template Unavailable

The policy template (docx) is currently unavailable. The Policy Unit is working to resolve this. In the meantime, if a policy template is needed, please contact the Policy Unit directly (see Contacts tab for details).

The Use of Electronic Signatures on University Documents

The Fraud Response Policy (PDF,313KB) was updated in April 2017 to include guidelines for the use of electronic signatures on University documents. Staff and students should make themselves aware of these changes and refer to the policy in the first instance when using electronic signatures.

Parking and Traffic Statute 2017

The Parking and Traffic Statute 2003 was reviewed at the end of 2016. In addition to content changes, the location of this information has been transferred from the University Regulations website into the UC Policy Library.

The 2003 Statute is still available and is contained as an appendix to the revised 2017 Statute, available on the UC Policy Library.

Special Consideration Procedures and Guidelines

As of the commencement of the 2016 academic year, UC has moved from the longstanding aegrotat system to a new special consideration process. You can find out more about the new regulation here: General Course and Examination Regulation H: Special Consideration (University Regulations website)

The UCPL holds the supplementary compliance document, the Special Consideration Procedures and Guidelines (PDF, 233KB). This document replaces the:

  • Aegrotat Consideration Procedures,
  • Discontinuation and/or Backdating After Due Date Policy and Guidelines,
  • Missed Examinations Policy and Procedures for Applications for Special Pass,
  • Missing of Tests and Other Assessment Deadlines Policy, and
  • Refunds After the Due Date Policy.