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Tomas Tappin
Get to know Tomas Tappin,
Law and Science

Why did you choose UC?

It was an easy choice for me. I come from Christchurch and I have a lot of love for the place. After the earthquake I wanted to stick around and embrace the challenge of seeing it through.

What makes UC unique?

The campus and clubs culture. It’s huge. There's nothing else like it. There’s literally something for everyone, no matter what you're into. If you don't know anyone when you start at UC, you can always find a group of friends through the clubs.

Tell us about the campus.

It’s being reborn! There are so many exciting new developments. It’s becoming a modern, contemporary campus. There's no other university in the country that’s had an opportunity to remodel itself like this.

What kind of changes have they made?

They’ve created more student spaces. They’ve also brought the colleges closer together by locating multiple faculties in the same building. That’s helping to blur the walls between the degrees and create an even more inclusive atmosphere for students.

"There's no other university in the country that’s had an opportunity to remodel itself like this."

You’re a part of the Athlete Development Programme – how has that helped you?

I play ice hockey for the NZ Men’s Ice Blacks team. The ADP helps with my study-sport balance. They put on seminars and write training programs. I have access to a special athletes gym which has allowed me to go one step further with my fitness. Also, if I need help to manage my study they’re really approachable.

Why would you recommend Christchurch to someone new?

The city itself is coming back to life and there’s so much to do nearby. You can go to Mount Hutt for a ski, or out to the Port Hills. It’s a playground for the outdoors. Skiing, biking, running, surfing, swimming… if you’re into getting active there’s no shortage of things you can do!

How have you changed most at UC?

I’ve learned to get out there and get involved. When you do, you have a real sense of belonging. UC has taught me to open myself up to new things. It’s exciting to come to uni every day. I have a lot of passion for UC, it’s a university of the future.

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