Helping others. Developing herself.
Syasya Aina Yahaya
Get to know Syasya Aina Yahaya,

So… what made you choose UC?

I heard that Canterbury is beautiful, the lecturers are professional and the facilities are very convenient for studying.

What’s been your experience so far?

All of the above!

How has UC got you involved in the community?

I’ve joined quite a few volunteering organisations. First I joined the Student Volunteer Army and then Recreate New Zealand. That's an organisation where we help disabled people. We offer them our friendship and take them around the city together.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

I like meeting new people. It’s taught me how to communicate in different ways. You need to have lots of patience and be able to adapt to situations as they arise. It feels great to help others.

How do you find being a Muslim on campus?

People don’t care that I’m Muslim! People at UC are very friendly and supportive. There are lots of people from all around the world here. UC has a big Muslim community. It feels nice to be part of a community. I'm also part of the Vegetarian Club, the Canoeing Club and the Malaysian Students’ Association. There are a lot of ways to make friends here.

"I like meeting new people. It’s taught me how to communicate in different ways."

English is your second language – have you had support for that?

When I first arrived, I was scared to speak English. There’s an Academic Skills Centre at the library where they teach English to students who want help. They taught us how to improve our language by watching movies, reading books and listening to music. I'm much more comfortable with speaking English now.

Have you had any other help?

I also had a mentor when I first started. She talked to me about university life and showed me all the different clubs. That’s how I found out about volunteering. The lecturers are also very friendly. You can talk about study or about life in general.

Any tips, advice, words of wisdom?

Don’t be scared. You won’t regret coming to UC!

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